Tomaki Stride
Current Age 24
Gender Male
Species Fosuman
Family and Relations

Kansaw Mr. Stride Mrs. Stride

Main Weapon(s) Blade
Ghost Dan

Benjamin Fixer Bronze

First Appearance Tokyo Mastery
Latest Appearance Tokyo Mastery: Explore to England

Tomaki Stride is a a Fosuman that is the main Character of the Tokyo Mastery series. He is a Brave, Clumsy, and can be not serious sometimes, but is the Hero to Planet Tokyo. He first met Ben Fixer, his best friend, at Orange City and Quickly became friends after Ben fell into the fruits that he was selling and Tomaki laughs.


Tomaki was born on Planet Tokyo in Orange City. He was born on his Parents Farm, but then they later upgraded to a 2 story house when he was 5. When he turned 15, he found out that the Dark Force Gragal stole his Uncle Chess and Tomaki Grabbed his sword and Slayed Gragal. Gragal came back to life, but let Chess go. Tomaki swore to save everyone from then on, and face Gragal once again.