This page is for Tom and Jerry in the game, Cartoon Fighters for the Wii U . Please do not edit this page.

Character DescriptionEdit

Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters who first appeared in the short film, Puss Gets the Boot. As a team, they are well-rounded fighters who use comical weapons to battle their opponents. The player controls Tom, while Jerry follows him and joins in on some select attacks.



Tom and Jerry, as they appear in Cartoon Fighters.

Mickey's Attacks:

Standard Special Power Punch
Side Special Cheese Rush
Up Special Feline Flip
Down Special Mallet Spin
Final Smash

Wild Chase

Moveset Description

Standard B: Power Punch

Tom winds up a punch and socks his opponents, causing 7% damage onto them. Jerry follows through with a smaller punch that deals only 2% damage.

Side B: Cheese Rush

Tom tosses a piece of cheese across the stage, in which Jerry follows suit in speedy manner. Anyone who gets caught in Jerry's "cheese rush" will be dealt with 5% damage.

Up B: Feline Flip

Tom scoops Jerry up in his paws and does an aerial flip. Anyone hit by this attack will receive 6% damage.

Down B: Mallet Spin

Tom swings a mighty wooden hammer around as Jerry comically jumps upon it and tries to stay on by running. Foes will be dealt with 9% damage when hit.

Final Smash: Wild Chase

Jerry bonks Tom on the head, which causes the duo to frantically chase each other across the arena. Anyone who finds themselves in the midst of this crazy chase will be dealt with an upwards of 3%-150% damage.

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