Tom Nook pays a visit. Having his two nephews running his old store, and Lyle temporarily running his new store, he was finally able to join the smashing tournament! He may not have much experience fighting, but he's still got some tricks up his pocket.... LITERALLY! He can throw furniture, wack you with hammer, or even throw his sack of money onto the stage to trip you! What kind of evil landlord is this!?!?! And how big are his pockets?

Special Moves

B: Furniture Throw: Tom Nook takes a piece of furniture and chucks it at you. The bigger it is, the more damage it does, but the smaller it is, the longer it'll last. It's very random what piece of furniture you'll get. You may not even see the same piece twice!

Side B: Squeaky Hammer Wack: Tom Nook pulls out a Squeaky Hammer and wacks it in front of him. IF anyone gets hit, they will take 10% damage, but no knock back. If you hit someone 5 times before they get K.O., they will get outraged and take 25% damage!

Up B: Sky Rocketing Sales: Tom Nook checks his sales and launches upward. It's not to creative, but the more Bells in his sack, the higher and longer it lasts!

Down B: Bells!: Tom Nook places a sack of bells on the ground. If anyone runs past it, they will trip. They give 3 bells every time they trip, which for them equals 6%. The more bells in the sack, the higher the victom pays. This stays on screen for 10 seconds. Doing your down special again will pull out an axe!

Final Smash: Home Loan!: Anyone next to Tom Nook gets caught in a cut scene. He then takes a whole sack of bells (20 bells=40% damage) from each player. Just as you think you can go home, Tom Nook slices you with an axe, giving 20% damage, and high knock back!

Color Schemes

Default/Light Green: His clothes from New Leaf

Light Blue: His apron from when he worked at Nook's Cranny

Striped: His clothes from when he worked at Nook 'n' Go

White: His apron from when he worked at Nookway

Blue: His clothes from when he worked at Nookingtons

Green: Mabel's apron

Pink: Pelly's oufit

Yellow: Kick's oufit

Red: Tortimer's shirt and hat from New Leaf

Purple: Phylis's oufit

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