Tom Nook (Neo Vivae)
Full Name Thomas Theodore Nook
Current Age 30
Date of Birth January 19, 1983
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Species Raccoon Dog
Location Neo Vivae
Current Status Alive
Class Real Estate Agent
Neo Vivae
Family and Relations
Sable (Former Girlfriend),
Tommy & Timmy (Nephews)
Main Weapon(s) An ax he keeps in his tux
Ability/ies Convincing, making good deals.
Vulnerable To Expensive goods. Deals
Tom (Most of the time),

Darling (Sable),
Mr. Nook (By Tortimer, and fellow business men)

Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Animal Crossing: Neo Vivae
Latest Appearance Animal Crossing: Neo Vivae
Tom Nook is the owner of the Real Estate Agency near Neo Vivae. He used to own Nook's Cranny, but he left it too his nephews.


He use to good be good friends with Sable of the Able Sisters when they where young. As they grow older the became boy and girlfriend. One day he left for the city to start a business. He sent Sable gifts. Even when times where hard, he sent her some strong scissors, to help her in her dream of being a tailor. He returned after a year of work in the city, but came back different. Things went wrong in city, and he went almost bankrupt... he returned to Neo Vivae with a almost completely different soul, and he and Sable went back to jsut friends. 

At some point after returning, he started Nook's Cranny, and then eventually got enough money to start a Real Estate Agency, like he wanted to. He left the Cranny to his nephews Timmy & Tommy. By the time of Steve, Tyche, Ariani, and Kouki's arrival he had jsut opened his Real Estate Agency, and gave them their houses, but they couldn't pay for them, so they currently work for him.