Tom Nook's Shop is a stage from the Animal Crossing universe that appears as an unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Mania.


Universe Animal Crossing
Home Stage to Tom Nook
Availability Unlockable
Size Small

Tom Nook's Shop is a stage that is set in the town of Smashville. This stage is based on Tom Nook's shops that appear when the player buys enough stuff.


  • Mr. Resetti will occasionally appear and swing his axe, hurting the players.
  • Don Resetti will also occasionally appear. He, however, will give the player an item. He is very rare.

How to Unlock

There are three ways to unlock this stage:

Play 5 matches as Tom Nook Play for a total of 168 hours Have a save file of Animal Crossing: City Folk on your Wii

Music Played

Song italicized only appear in events
Songs in bold must be unlocked.

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