Thomas Majors is the main protagonist of the Chaotic TV Series. His Chaotic codename is MajorTom

Character Origins

Tom's original design was a 12-year-old blonde with black gloves and jacket along with blue jeans sneakers and a red-and-white striped shirt. Hr and Kaz were also meant to be archenemies, with Tom allying himself with the OverWorlders and Kaz with the UnderWorlders.


Tom is a regular human teenager. He has black hair and blue eyes. His skin is a bit more tanned than some of the other characters. He Always wears a grey t-shirt with a target symbol on it and blue jeans and trainers.

Background Information

Tom Majors is Mainly an OverWorld player. He's a beginner to Chaotic, and knows less about things than his friends do about the world's of Chaotic and Perim. Despite his lack of knowledge Tom is an excellent player, especially when using Maxxor. At first, he was very shocked and overwhelmed when he first transported to Chaotic, transforming into his Creatures, and experiencing the battle "for real." Tom quickly gets over his fears and confusion

Personality and Behaviour

Tom is a Bold--maybe too bold--risk taker and thrill seeker. He loves playing Chaotic, exploring Perim, and experiencing excitement and adventure. He always helps those in need his selflassness sometimes surprises other Chaotic players and Creatures alike, like when he kept his promise to Smildon to cure the disease destroying Prexxor Chasm. He cares a lot about his friends Sarah, Kaz, and Peyton as well as the well-being of the creatures of Perim with whom he isn't enemies with. It's hinted that Tom has a crush on Sarah.


Maxxor (Friend)

Intress (Friend)

Najarin (Friend)

Tianne (Friend)

Smildon (Friend)

Vlar (Friend)

H'earring (Friend)

Kaz Kalinkas (Friend)

Peyton Steele (Friend)

Sarah Beth Cornwell (Friend/Crush?)

Jycella (Friend)

Klaybourne (Enemy)

Krystella (Enemy)

Nintendo Parks


MajorTom at Nintendo Theme Park

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