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I'm Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
Full Name Tom Cruise
Current Age 20
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Popopo
Location Unknown
Main Weapon(s) Cruise Missile Launcher
Voice Actor(s)
Jack Black

Tom Cruise is a Popopo that says he's Tom Cruise, a human actor from Earth. He is the herald for the Polyvestals, enslaved by some of their cosmic powers to scope out planets for harvest. Is he really Tom Cruise? Nobody knows for sure.


Tom Cruise is a pink Popopo with a Tom Cruise mask. This is his defining feature, for he claims to be Tom Cruise.


He is crazy, which is what being a puppet of alien gods will do to you.



She sees him as a traitor to his race, where as Tom Cruise is just completely unaware of her entirely.


  • He is based off Tom Cruise.
  • He is a parody of all the rip off characters on The Adventures of White wiki such as Captain Dee and Beal.