Tom Anderson
Current Age 32
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Ultimate World Grand Prix
Latest Appearance Ultimate World Grand Prix

Tom Anderson is a Male middle aged man who lives in the country of the United States. Tom is a just a regular man who lives with his wife and two kids in a Suburban home. Tom's profession is a salesman as he sales many products to people and Tom's job is a success. When Tom hears about the Ultimate World Grand Prix, he decides to join to win the Grand Prize.


Tom Anderson is a regular middle aged man who's life isn't always exciting. Tom lives in a suburban home where he also lives with his lovable wife and kids. Tom is a Salesman and has a succesful business as the products he sells become hits. Then Tom hears about the Ultimate World Grand Prix and decides to sign up to have some fun in his life again and to win the grand prize.


Ultimate World Grand Prix

Tom appears in Ultimate World Grand Prix as a default character. Tom can perform many tricks and is the character with the best drifting. Tom is recommended to beginning players as he is also the most balanced character.

General Information

Personality and Traits

Tom is seen to be a very busy man as he focuses on his job a lot, but Tom is shown to have great stamina, aim, and intelligence. Tom is also a family man as well as he loves to spend time with his family. Due to Tom's busy job, he gets stressed sometimes and can be anxious about the future sometimes.

Physical Appearance

Tom is pretty tall and has the same skin as White-ish skin. Tom usually wears a black business suit with a blue tie, black pants, and brown shoes. Tom's suit also has a pocket where he can store his pens. Tom's hair color is light brown.


  • Tom's wife's name is confirmed to be Kristen, but Tom's kids' names are yet unknown.