Tom (FA)
Full Name Tom Timbre
Current Age N/A
Date of Birth 1998
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Undead (as in Angel's Story)

Tom is a main character in Fantendo Adventure. His favourite weapon is a Katar.


Angel's Story

In Angel's Story, Angel meets Tom, Pablo, Brochi, and Eva after he fleed from the mountain. The five flee from the city in Pablo's RV, but crash into a hotel, killing Brochi and injuring Angel. Tom later goes searching for food in the hotel, but when Eva and Angel later find his hat surrounded by blood after being away for a while, they start to worry. When they return to their room, Pablo tells them that Tom did make it back and got them a ton of food. However, it is soon revealed that he got bitten on his way, and he turns into a zombie. The others flee to the bathroom, and can just escape with help from Elise, Brock, Rick, Locky and Jorge. However, Pablo is just too late and gets eaten by Tom. The others continue their adventure, leaving Tom in his zombie state.


Tom has a pale skin and brown hair. He wears a purple T-shirt underneath a blue jacket. He also wears dark grey jeans and blue shoes, and he has a scar on his left hand.


Whenever Tom tries to help, it often doesn't really turn out well. However, he cares a lot about his friends, and is willing to sacrifice himself for any of them. He can be very impulsive and stubborn as well, and is considered a big blabbermouth.

Relationships with other characters


Tom and Angel get along well. They often try to help each other with their problems and are considered good friends.








Rick and Tom are really good if not best friends. They often talk about stuff that no one else seems to care about.







  • Even though Tom's hat play importance in some of  the stories Tom is rarely seen wearing  it.


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