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Tom (Cheese Cryptors)
Full Name Tom
Current Age 14
Zodiac Sign Leo/Cancer
Gender Male
Location Cheese Village
Class Shopkeeper
Main Weapon(s) Blue Magic
First Appearance Cheese Cryptors
Tom is a main character of the Cheese Cryptors series. He is the shopkeeper of the games, and owns a shop on Main Street of the Cheese Village. Tom is one of Swiss's good friends, and he always helps him out. Tom is based off the user T0M.V.12 (tbc).


Tom is a mysterious person. He is calm a lot of times. He is also a friendly shopkeeper, and is skilled at weilding his blue-magic scepter. Tom has an obsession with Nintendo, and is often seen playing on a 3DS.


Tom has a blue scepter that can wield Blue Magic. Blue Magic can shoot anti-gravitational balls that can float around and make the opponent unbalanced, flying off the walls. His scepter can also shoot a row of blue Fire Flames that can burn opponents.


Tom has a blue cap that he keeps with him, similar to Swiss. He has the regular blue body, and he has white gloves. His cap has a T on it, impersonating Mario.