Tom's Henry Heroism
Henry Fic Poster
A group pic of the Mails in their animated form.
Author Mason (tbc)
Spark (tbc)
Elise (tbc)
Steli (tbc)
Mapman (tbc)
Doh (tbc)
Tenshi (tbc)
Hayden (tbc)
Tom (tbc)
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure/Comedy
Chapter(s) TBA
Series Henry Mails
Prequel(s) Steli's Henry Havoc

Tom's Henry Heroism is another fan-fiction by the Henry Mails. It acts as a spin-off to the other fan-fictions by the Mails, having a different lay-out and a more serious writing style. As usual, the story focusses on a group of friends, known as the Henry Mails, this time going on a fantasy-like adventure through the Land of Imanimation after they turned animated. It's a parody on the Community episode Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas, and it makes several references to the show as well.


At the Henry Hideout, the Mails are having a huge fight and eventually decide to split up. As they're all about to walk out of the door, something feels different. When they look at each other, they notice they look animated. They're all shocked, especially when they open the door and notice the whole area looks animated. After walking around a bit, they arrive at an area that they've never seen before, and they meet a boy, who claims to know how to break the 'curse'. He says they'll have to go on an adventure through the Land of Imanimation to find the meaning of friendship. The Mails figure it would make sense, as they were about to split up when it happened and they don't know what to do else, so they join Tom on his quest.






  • Tom: A guy who shows up near the Henry Hideout and helps the Mails on their quest. He seems to know much about the different area's and acts as the Mails' guide (which is the only reason they act nice to him).
  • Osaka Kasuga: For whatever reason, probably that he's being paid for it, Osaka can no longer pevert out loud. This guy is Osaka, he's a strange person that is the creator of the group of Henry Mails.
  • Steli:
  • Tenshi Kurai:
  • Doh:
  • Mapman:
  • Elise: A girl who has travelled with these strange guys wonderful people for a while, but only recently joined. She brings the Touko to this yata.
  • Spark Ohone:
  • Hayden:
  • Rick:
  • Buttifairy: Doh's pet-fairy. It looks oddly similair to Hayden, and seems to have a crush on him, but unfortunately the only thing it can say is 'Teeheehee'.


  • This is the first fan-fiction by the Mails to include Buttifairy.
    • While the Buttifairy can only say 'Teeheehee', it can fully speak in Project Mail.

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