Tokotokos (Japanese: トコトコ Tokotoko) are small creatures that resemble the Moai heads. Tokotoko are primarily found in Sarasaland's Easton region. An evolved Tokotoko appears as the boss of the aforementioned region, and appears to be their leader.


Super Mario Land

Tokotoko made its first appearance in Super Mario Land as a common enemy in the Easton Kingdom. It would march around a set platform, crashing into Mario. It could be defeated by jumping on its head, much like everything else.

Paper Mario: Search For The Sages

After 25 years of absence, Tokkotoko (under the name of Rockface) made its Paper Mario debut in Paper Mario: Search For The Sages. It is once again a common enemy in Cookie Crumble Desert, the main area of Chapter 2, The Way The Cookie Crumbles. It is often fought in pairs, usually with a Parockface. It attacks by tackling Mario.


  • HP = 25
  • Att = 10
  • Def = 30.

"Whoa, that's a Rockface! He seems stone-cold doesn't he? Must be because he's made of rock.......... Come on! How wasn't that funny?"

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