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Not to be confused with the tactful, talented, tolerant, tearfully telepathically tantalizing, terribly teasing, tempting, terrifically tender, thankless, tiresome, traditionally typically tolerably thrilling, trustworthy, totally tubular Toad, Tod.

Tod was a Toad in The Ghost of the End. He was Tad's older, uncaring brother, but he let Tad go to the Train Station alone, where Tad suffered a fatal accident.


Tod is one of the toads drafted into Mario's Faction in Nintendo Presents: Neverworld. He does not gain any powers and serves as little more than a foot soldier. He is seen in a trailer as a ghostlike figure next to his brother, Tad, hinting that he may die.


  • Tad and Tod's names are based on Toad. Toad and Toad.

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