Not to be mistaken with a MySims character.

Tobor is a planet where Meta-Form and companies lives. There are many different locations like the Frozen Field and the Star Frontier, and but only two cities, the famous Nadian City and the opposing Amerocin City.

The Tobor planet.


It's dominating habitants are humans, but these humans are more intelligent, more responsable and more friendly than those from the Earth. It's second dominating habitants are robots, thus used to either protect the planet from alien invasion or bring hopes to humanity. It also have aliens, either good or bad, or that simply follow it's own nature.


There is alot of different locations, but those who are explored or simply passed by Meta-Form and friends are:

  • Nadian City (Meta-Form's home town)
  • Sky-High Road (Tornaboy's home location)
  • West Pole/Frozen Field (Snowice's home location)
  • Volcano Wild (Firisk's home location)
  • Rocky Canyon (Bigoulder's home location)
  • Electrified House (Trithund's home)
  • Sea Beach (Splaster's home location)
  • Star Frontier (Starark's home location)
  • Amerocin City (King Kube Bot's secret hideout)

More locations will be revealed after announced future Meta-Form games, if any.


  • The name of Tobor is origin of the revered word "robot".
  • The island shaped like a cog is unknown. However, many tales are said that it is a hideout of the most hideous alien (or robot, depended of certain tales) of the planet.

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