Developer(s) Simpson55
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U ; 3DS
Release Date(s)
December 2014
4 players
Age Rating(s)
ESRB Everyone
Genre(s) 3D top-down stradegy
Media Included Wii U Bluray, 3DS cartdridge
Toadz is an upcoming 3D topdown strategy video-game, it takes place right after Super Mario Galaxy 2, it will be released on Wii U and 3DS in December 2014.  

The game introduces Captain Toad as the main character for the first time, he must command the Toads in order to rejoin their planet.


The main object of the game is to help Captain Toad and his troops to rejoin their planet by completing levels.

To complete a level, the player (which plays as Captain Toad) must command his troups to reach the level's end (a starshroom).

To finish the game, the player must complete each world (planets) (exept the bonus levels), Each world is composed of 7~10 levels, with two boss levels.

In this game, the bonus levels are cities, in wich the player can buy items and find toads which join the player's troup.

Throughout the game, the player gain experience by enlarging his group of Toads.


The game takes place after the events of Super Mario Galaxy 2  

After Mario saved the Princess and the galaxy for the last time, he, Luigi and Peach rejoin their planet, unfortunately, the Toads and their commander, Captain Toad, get lost on the road.

During the same time, a meteor shower destroys the starshrooms float and scatters the toads everywhere in the galaxy.

Captain toad find himself on an unknown planet with some toads,with them, he decided to find all the toads scattered in the galaxy and rejoin their planet.



Name Description Picture
Captain Toad Captain Toad is the main protagonist of the game, he's the commander of all Toads in the game. Toad captain
Toads Toads are indirectly playable, they are commanded by captain toad in order to progress in their quest. Toad Group
Koopa Troops Koopa troops are indirectly playable, they can be commanded by Captain toad when he use a Captain Koopa Suit. Koopa troops


Name Description
Captain Koopa Suit The captain koopa suit is an item wich transform captain toad into a random koopa's captain, when the player use it, all koopa troops enemies follow him like toads.
Dry Bone Suit The Dry Bone Suit Transforms all the toads in the group into dry bones wich can throw bones
Cheep cheep suit The cheep cheep suit transform all the toads in the group into cheep cheeps, that allows the player to take a shortcut into levels (because the player can't swim)