Toadus Castle
The castle in the background of the Ancient Toad Town
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Current Ruler Toadus
Toadus Castle is a early Mushroom Kingdom version of Princess Peach's Castle. It makes it's debut appearance in Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising


When Toadus and other toads arrive, they begin building the castle and town. Once Toadus was king, they began to have problems with the Mushroom Mages. Then, Luigi arrived from the future and gets hired by Toadus to hunt down the Mages with the Behemoth Wand, and transform them into artifacts. When Luigi returns, Toadus thanks him and Luigi returns to the future.

The Mushroom Behemoth Apocalypse

When the Mushroom Behemoth appeared, it began a rampage across the Mushroom Kingdom. When the tremors happened by the stomping of Ancient Toad Town, Toadus was nearly killed and the castle began to burn down. Once the castle was burnt down, all the surviving toads rebuilt the town into Modern Day Toad Town and the castle into what is today Princess Peach's Castle.