The Ancient King
Current Age 30-40 years
Gender Male
Location Toad Town
Current Status Deceased, but a spirit
Class Ancient Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and Haunter of Peach's Castle
Mushroom Kingdom

Luigi Donkey Kong

Family and Relations
Toads, Princess Peach, Toadsworth
Main Weapon(s) Toad Knights
Vulnerable To Everything
Toadus, Ghost Toadus
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Latest Appearance N/A
King Toadus is the founder and first ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. He has been living in the Princess Castle for hundreds of years.



Toadus came to the Mushroom Kingdom with a group of toads. He then builds Ancient Toad Town and Toadus Castle. By the time he was offically crowned king, He was being plagued by The Mushroom Mages. He thought his kingdom was done for when Luigi came from the future to offer his services. Toadus gave Luigi the Behemoth Wand and he setted off to stop them. After he returns, Toadus thanks Luigi and leaves. Ten years after Luigi came, the Mushroom Behemoth appeared and caused chaos. Toadus was knocked out around the time when approached by Donkey Kong. When he awoke, he weakly gave DK the Behemoth Wand and captures the creature. Donkey Kong then leaves for the future. Toadus' fate remains unknown.


After his death, he began to serve as a permanent guest at Princess Peach's Castle. In Super Mario: An Evil Rising, he takes the I Mage Statue and the Kong Mage Bongo to stop the Mushroom Behemoth from being revived.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

Toadus makes a debut appearance in this game. Toadus kidnaps the I Mage


Statue from the Toadus Museum and the Kong Mage Bongo from Donkey Kong Island in order to let the Mushroom Kingdom flourish and to save it. When he was alive, he hired Luigi to stop the Mushroom Mages and Donkey Kong to stop the Mushroom Behemoth.


  • Toadus wears clothes that resemble a Pilgrim.
  • It is ironic that Toadus is now a ghost due to him having ghostly problems with the Mushroom Mages.
  • It is possible Toadus might be a magician himself due to giving Luigi and Donkey Kong the Behemoth Wand.