Toadtool is an inventor that live in Wasresh City. He can use many items to make inventions even from gems.

Full Name Toadtool
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Location Wasresh City
Class Inventor, Hero, Ally, Scientist
Main Weapon(s) Wrench, inventions
Latest Appearance Mario Golf Wii


Toadtool is very clumsy and sometimes finds things hard to concentrate. He is quite athletic, but is very friendly even with strangers. He goes all shy around someone who he 'senses' as evil. He quite likes attention, and is still the adventurous child he once was.


Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure

He is NPC in game.In Dashed Koopa's and Shroobster's Story,he make a ship for Dashed and an airplane for Shroobster. Its not confirmed if he appear in Zen Guy's Story.

Micool and Dashed: Defenders of the Universe

He is an NPC.

Dashed Koopa:Baby Trouble

He is confirmed to appear in this game.He have major role.

Mario Golf Wii

Toadtool appears as Toad's pal.

Strike into Battlefield

He appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Brawl as an unlockable character.

In Tennis Court

He is one of unlockable characters in game.

Paper Karma

He is a NPC.He act as a fortune teller.

Karma RPG

He appears as a partner.

Fantendo Smash Bros. 3D

He is an default character.





  • He is second most popular character in Dashed Koopa Series.
  • He is only Dashed Koopa character to appear in a game withoung Dashed Koopa.
  • Through he was never playable in his series, in Fantento Smash Bros. games he appear, he is almost always playable.