Toads vs Koopas is an animated series created by GreenReaperGames and the Koopompany centered around the Toad Brigade and the Koopa Brigade, as they constantly feud with each other and travel across the galaxy.


The Toad Brigade

Character Name Picture First Appearance Description
Captain Toad
Captain Toad TT artwork05
Pilot The Captain, but only because of his headlamp
Toadbert 2
Pilot The smart one, who sometimes questions his Captain's leadership.
Purple Toad 2
Pilot The Mailtoad, who is always picked on by the crew
Banktoad by Toad'ShyGuy
Pilot The Banktoad. He used to be adventurous, but not anymore...
Yellow Toad SM3DW
Pilot The Doctor, who is cowardly and always seems to be asleep.
MKXL Toadette
Pilot The only girl in the Toad Brigade, who ends up being braver then most of the others.
Cyan Toad NSMBVR
Pilot The Royal Guard, sent to watch the Toad Brigade and make sure they are functioning properly
Orange Toad for sttsg
Back Together The mysterious Toad who sneaked aboard the Starshroom 2.
480px-Rob SSB4 Render
Pilot The sarcastic robot cook of the Toad Brigade.

The Koopa Brigade

Character Name Picture First Appearance Description
Corporal Paraplonk
Corporal paraplonk
Pilot The Captain of the Koopa Brigade (or at least the second in command).
Commander Goomp
Private Goomp MLBIS
Pilot Commander Goomp is a slacker, and is only still alive due to his relations with Paraplonk and Guy.
Sergeant Guy
Sergeant Guy
Pilot Sergeant Guy is extremely intelligent, but very shy. He is loyal to Goomp and Paraplonk.
92px-Kamek Suprised
Pilot Kamek is in charge of the Koopa Brigade, but leaves Paraplonk in charge.
King Sumo Bro.
Pilot Crusher is the most skilled member aboard the Doomship.
153px-Hammer Bro. Party 8
The Spy Hamma is the most cunning member aboard the Doomship.
Dark Bones
Dark Bones Paper Sprite
Bowser's Orders Dark Bones is the veteran. He has been loyal to Bowser since the beginning, and thinks he deserves more.
Ice Boo 2
The Spy Booster is a valuable asset to the team, as he is nearly invincible. His only weakness is the light.
Grand Goomba Solo SMWU
Pilot Goombro is just a grunt, but he one day hopes to be captain.
Koopa Troopa SMBU
Pilot Koopler is just happy to be alive. He has been in many near death situations, and tries to stay as far away from Mario as possible.

The Shroob Brigade

Character Name Picture First Appearance Description
Princess Shroob
Princess shroob 2
Pilot Princess Shroob is the leader of the fallen Shroob race. She vows revenge on the Mushroom Kingdom for the destruction of the entirety of the Shroob race and her older sister.
Commander Shroob
Pilot Commander Shroob
Junior Shrooboid
Elder Shrooboid
Elder Shroob
Shrooboid Brat
Support Shroob
Intern Shroob

Secondary Characters

Character Name Picture First Appearance Description
359px-Mario - New Super Mario Bros U
Pilot Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is always defeating Bowser and the Koopa Troop.
Princess Peach
Princess Peach SM3DW
293px-Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine
Professor E Gadd
280px-Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Back Together
Super Luigi !
250px-Bowser SSB4
Bowser Jr
189px-Rosalina MK7
Polari SMG
MKPC Yoshi Solo
Boshi Icon SSB5
SM3DL2 Wario 2
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez

Minor Characters

Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot

300px-Airship Yakonts

Bowser's Doomship

Captain Toad, Toadley, and Sleepy are watching a race between Yoshi and Boshi. They all appear to be in a depressed mood, but it is not revealed why. Bowser's Doomship suddenly flies overhead, sending most of the spectators fleeing, including Yoshi and Boshi. Captain Toad and Toadley wake Sleepy up and head towards Peach's Castle to warn the princess.

Meanwhile, Toadbert and Professor Elvin Gadd are working together on a ship, the Starshroom 2. Toadilo then arrives with the parts E Gadd had requested.

The Doomship gets closer to Peach's Castle. Bowser and Bowser Jr are leading the attack and the rest of the Koopa Troop appears to be present as well, including Kamek, Crusher, Hamma, and Dark Bones. Below the deck, Corporal Paraplonk, Commander Goomp, and Sergeant Guy are giving the grunts supplies.

SSBM! Sta- Peach's Castle

Princess Peach's Castle

Inside of Peach's Castle, a meeting is taking place. Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Toadort, and Toadette are present, along with several others. They are discussing possible solutions to the "alien problem" after the failure of the Toad Brigade. Peach mentions that Mario is already too busy defending the Mushroom Kingdom and would not be able to defend from possible foreign intruders. Captain Toad, Toadley, and Sleepy suddenly burst in, warning Peach of the oncoming attack. However, they are too late, as one of the walls is destroyed before Captain Toad can even finish his sentence.

Episode 2 - The Spy

Episode 3 - Bowser's Orders

Episode 4 - Back Together

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5





  • 32 is actually R.O.B., the Robotic Operating Buddy.

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