Toads Vs Kongs Castle Jungle Warfare

Toads Vs Kongs Castle Jungle Warfare is a third person shooting platforming video game in the Mario vs Donkey Kong series. That will be released by Fantendo on March 21, 2015.

Game Modes

  • Castle Ops
  • Team Vanquish
  • Castles and Jungles
  • Bomb Base
  • Kingdom nation
  • Mushroom Bandits

Playable Characters


  • Solider Toad - Mushroom Cannon
  • Healer Toad - Mushroom Needles
  • Bagger Toad - Mushroom Shotgun
  • Spiky Toad - Cactus Gun
  • Princess Peach (Boss Mode)


  • Foot Solider Kong - DK-1 Assault Blaster
  • Scientist Kong - Banana Goo Blaster
  • Engineer Kong - Coconut Launcher
  • All-Star Kong - Grape Cannon
  • Donkey Kong (Boss Mode)

Boss Mode

Boss Mode is a mode where you take to the skies with either Princess Peach's Mushroom Airship or Donkey Kong's Flying Barrel Fortress, You can call in airstrikes, drop in healing or reviving station or spotting stations. On the Toad Team you collect Star Coins and on the Kong Team you collect Banana Coins for every vanquished enemy.


Princess Peach:

  • Mushroom Radar
  • Mushroom Heal
  • Mushroom Bomb
  • Heart Reviver

Donkey Kong:

  • Barrel Radar
  • Barrel Heal
  • Barrel TNT
  • BBQ Bananas