This page is about the Characters known as Toads. For the playable race, see here.


Artwork for the game.

Toads are Characters found in Clash of the Fiction, commonly found wandering Toad Town. Although considered Minor Characters, their frequency and use in Quests contradicts this. However, none other than the titular Toad give out their own Quests.



Toads are a very short race; they have are shaped similarly to toadstools- hence their name- but have varying colors. Most Toads will have a white cap with a single color of spots. There are four spots on the compass-sides of the cap, with a fifth on top. Their shirt color matches their spots, and they wear simple white pants and brown shoes. Some female Toads- like Toadette- have braid-like Mushrooms hanging from their caps.


Toads are denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, and are the only inhabitants of Toad Town, besides Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. They don't do much outside of their regular lives, but they are sometimes taken by Bowser as decoys, and placed in castles leading up to Bowser's own castle. Occasionally, a Blue Toad and Yellow Toad will journey with Mario and Luigi to rescue the Princess.

There is a group of five Toads (Red- Leader, Blue- Smarts, Purple-) who set out to help Mario when he journeyed through space.

In-Game Information


Toad can be invited to the Player's Party after they finish his training exercises. Everytime he is invited, the game randomly selects a different color of spots, and you can sometimes even get Toadette, Toadbert, or a Toad Brigade member.

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