Toadette (SSB Mash)
MP7 Toadette
The pink Toad
Full Name Toadette
Gender Female
Species Toad
Ability/ies See Moveset
Toadette is a playable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Mash. She is a recurring character in the Mario series.

Most of Toadette's attacks involve her attacking with one of three different instruments: her bell, her trumpet, or her violin. The bell does small damage, the trumpet does decent damage, and the violin deals lots of damage. Toadette does not deal much knockback in her normal attacks, but does in special moves.


Toadette is a fast character. She is a light character. Her special moves have great knockback and do excellent damage. Power Club, when charged up, is one of the most powerful moves in Super Smash Bros. Mash, with some of the best knockback. Its variants lack these traits, but have a new trait of speed, as well as hitting multiple times. Enlarge, Enlarged Sliding Catch, and Enlarged Wall Jump are minor moves with knockback and lots of damage. They are not used much, but the enhanced motion from each of them is a good tactic for preventing your opponents' recovery.

Toadette's recovery varies. Instrument Steps is one of the best recovery moves, but is hard to use as an attack. Violin and Trumpet Step have poor recovery, but have a projectile attack. These projectiles are also hard to use as attacks, but do much damage. Toadette's Final Smash is hard to control, and only useful in matches with three other fighters, but can attack several times with lots of damage and okay knockback. Toadette is a very balanced character.


Ground attacks


  • Neutral attack: Does a punch and deals 1% damage.
  • Dash attack: Swings a trumpet. Deals 4% damage, and the swing is 31 frames.
  • Forward tilt: Spins around, hitting an opponent with her braids. Spin is 21 frames and does 7% damage.
  • Up tilt: Jumps up slightly and does a clap above her head. 5% damage.
  • Down tilt: Grabs one braid and throws it down. 2 frame start-up. 6%.

Smash attacks

  • Forward smash: Swings a small silver hand bell forward thrice. The first two times do 12% damage, and the third time does 9%. 6 frames between each time. Each time the bell hits someone, the noise of a bell is heard. The first two times have a little more than decent knockback, and the third time has no knockback.
  • Up smash: Jabs a golf club into the air. 15% damage. 18 frame start-up. The jab sends the opponent up into the air a little bit, meaning when this move is used several times in a row, it can prevent the opponent from moving, leading to great damage build-up.
  • Down smash: A small kart appears above Toadette, and she goes into it, the kart then drops down, and disappears. 20 frame start-up. Excellent knockback. 25 frames while falling. While falling, the attack does 16% damage, and when it lands, it does 22% damage.

Other attacks

  • Ledge attack: Does a kick, dealing 3% damage.
  • 100% ledge attack: Blows a trumpet, sending her upwards and sending forth a noise blast that lasts for 20 frames. Toadette can deal 6% damage to those that touch her while using this move, and 5% to those touching the trumpet. The blast does 20% damage.
  • Floor attack (face up): Bangs two bells together twice and jumps up. 3%.
  • Floor attack (face down): Holds out a violin bow and spins around, rising. Touching Toadette deals 4% damage, and touching the bow does 7%. Minor knockback. 38 frames while rising.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Toadette's braids stick out to her sides for 39 frames. A braid does 8% with minor knockback.
  • Forward aerial: Whips braid forward twice. The end of the braid does 6% damage, with the middle ding 2%. 6 frames in between the whips. Whips take place for 18 frames.
  • Back aerial: Instantly sticks violin behind her. Violin lasts for 13 frames and does 8%.
  • Up aerial: Holds up bat diagonally to her right, then swings it left. 15 frames before swinging. Bat does 4% before swinging. Swing does 9% damage while swinging, and 1% after swinging. After swinging, bat takes 18 frames to disappear.
  • Down aerial: Toadette drops a table with 6 frame start-up. Table lasts for 9 frames. Legs of table do 2% damage, and base of table does 12%.

Grabs & throws

  • Pummel: Hits with small silver hand bell at 6%.
  • Forward throw: Throws forward, then spins around and hits opponent with golf club. 9% damage.
  • Down throw: Throws down and smacks with violin, dealing 14% damage.
  • Back throw: Throws backwards, then throws violin, then throws bow, both with great knockback. Violin does 7%, and bow does 3%.
  • Up throw: Hits with powerful club, sending opponent upward at 16%.

Special moves

In Super Smash Bros. Mash, all special moves can be swapped out for others.

Standard Special Moves Side Special Moves Up Special Moves Down Special Moves
Power Club Enlarge Instrument Steps Toadette Bats
Spinning Club Enlarged Sliding Catch Violin Step Small Toadette Bats
Weak Club Enlarged Wall Jump Trumpet Step Large Toadette Bats

Toadette's Final Smash is Golden Mushroom Attacks.

On-Screen Appearances

An enlarged Toadette runs onto the screen, then shrinks.


  • Up taunt: Toadette waves one of her braids above her.
  • Side taunt: Toadette swings a golf club and says, "Mushroom"
  • Down taunt: Toadette rings her bell.



Idle Pose

Toadette plays her violin.

Victory Pose

Toadette plays Mario's victory theme on her trumpet.

Defeat Pose

Toadette crosses her arms and sighs.


  • Yellow braids and dress
  • Green braids and dress
  • Purple braids and dress
  • Pink braids and dress
  • Orange braids and dress
  • Black braids and dress
  • Red braids and dress