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Toadette's Grand Adventure is an adventure/action genre game for the Nintendo Wii and DS.

Story Mode

Playable Characters

Baby Peach

Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

Princess Daisy


World 1 - Grass Land


  1. Grassy Forest
  2. Grassy Swamp
  3. The lake of Grass
  4. Palmy Hideaway
  5. - FORTRESS 1:Boss:Bowser Jr.
  6. Steep Slope
  7. Grass Springs
  8. Acorn Flatts
  9. - CASTLE 1:Boss:Mecha Goomba

World 2 - Ice Land


  1. Ice Rink of Darkness
  2. Frozen Ice Path
  3. Frozen Flatts
  4. Frozen Cave
  5. - FORTRESS 2:Boss:Giant Ice Goomba
  6. Icy Cliff of Bounciness
  7. Mr.Blizzard Hill
  8. The tower of the Crystal King
  9. - CASTLE 2:Boss:Crystal King

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