Not to be confused with Toad Mary

Full Name Toadelia
Location Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom
Class Head Chef/Head Maid
Family and Relations
Peach, Toadette, Toad, Toadsworth
Good heavens! Princess! Get down from there!

Toadelia is an elderly Toad character with the Mario Universe who works at Princess Peach's Castle as head chef and maid. She is hinted to be in some kind of relationship with Toadsworth.


Toadelia is an averagely sized Toad with beady eyes and pale skin. Her mushroom is yellow with brown spots and mildly flatter than the other Toads and it has another smaller Mushroom on the top, creating the appearance of a Bun Hairstyle. She wraps a ribbon around the joining point between the two mushrooms. Her dress is a sky blue color and she has a yellow jacket over it. She also wears an apron as she is often either cooking or cleaning.


She is very 'by the book' and traditional, she likes to keep things clean and tidy and is a fan of cookery and baking. She is very tolerant and patient but has been shown to snap on occasion. Her favorite color is lemon and she often uses lemon-scented cleaning products.



  • She was originally going to be called Toadella.
    • This was changed so her name became a mash-up of Toad and the name Delia.