Toad Town Universe is an MMO from  Nintendo. It is free-to-play with spending money being optional. It lets the player become a Nintendo hero. It is based off of Mario mainly, but also features many other Nintendo properties. The game is about Mario assembling an army of new Nintendo heroes to combat the coming Dark Army, led by Bowser. You can create your own heros based off Toads. You can assemble your Toad with different weapons,colors,and textures. Players of all ages are welcome and social interaction is encouraged. The game is a platformer with RPG combat that is in the style of Paper Mario. A subscription is available that gives the player many advantages. Besides the action-packed missions, the player is given many fun combat free activities such as racing and minigames. The lead designer says it's made to be, "A love letter to all the Nintendo Fans looking for an online expirience." 


In the original launch, there's many things to do. After escaping from Dark Army Prison, your free to explore and do quests as you try to ultimately become the best hero in Toad Town Universe. Following the Tutorial, players are dropped off at Toad Town, and can then go to three other areas. First, Peach's Castle. This is an area north of Toad Town where you meet-and-greet with all of the Nintendo characters. Many missions are given here for the players. Next is the Runny Tunnels under Toad Town. Filled with Dark Army members, it is for higher level players. It also features challenge rooms. Lastly, is Dark Army HQ. Here, you can meet the villains as you fight to get to the top and beat Bowser. Even after you beat Bowser, the game is still going. Beat Side Missions and try to collect all the achievements. Plus, at Peach's Castle you can play Toad Town Party minigames to get coins and trophies. The game updates frequently so keep coming back for new tasks,areas,and trophys.



  • You: The most important character of all, You, the player! No matter how you make your Toad they are brave yet clumsy and have a heart of adventure.
  • Mario: An Italian Plumber known best as the leader of the Mario Bros. You can meet Mario and fight alongside him. Mario is a middle-ranged character with no special things but no downsides. He uses Jump, Hammer, and Fireball in battle.
  • Luigi: the cowardly Italian brother of Mario, you meet Luigi even before you meet Mario, he'll be the first to greet you upon you're arrival, Luigi is a middle-ranged character like his brother, he can use his Poltergust 3000 to suck up ghostly enemies whenever one's nearby, he uses Jump, Hammer, and Green Fireball in battle, you can even visit Luigi in his mansion and help him rid the place of ghosts.
  • Princess Peach: the beautiful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario introduces you to her, Peach will act as a guide for you, anything you want to know, come ask her!, although at times she'll get kidnapped by the evil Koopa King Bowser, leaving you and Mario to save her!, Peach never fights alongside the player so she has no moves, but her useful advice can really help you get far. She is the wisest of all toad town. The toads really rely on her. 
  • Yoshi: the best friend of Mario who usually acts as his noble companion, Yoshi can take you wherever you want to go, free of charge!, he can also be used whenever you're on a rescue mission to save Peach. Yoshi is a light-ranged character with no special moves but no downsides. Yoshi can use Flutter Jump, Egg Toss and his long tongue to eat up enemies.
  • Toad: Toad is one of Mario and Luigi's friends,and the ruler of all toad town. usually you can find Toads everywhere but this Toad can always be found in Peach's Castle, Toad never fights alongside the player so he has no moves but you can get some great items from him. This Toad is known widely across Toad town universe as the wisest and greatest of all people. This Toad is the one who built toad town and made many of the things that people of modern toad town use today.
  • Bowser: the evil king of Dark Land, arch enemy to Mario and leader of the Dark Army. Bowser will usually kidnap Princess Peach any chances he gets, so you and Mario will have to defeat him to rescue her, once he's defeated you'll be able to fight alongside him, but you never help him fight the Mushroom Kingdom!, Bowser is a heavy-ranged character with a special move witch turns Bowser into the even more deadly Giga Bowser!. Bowser can use Fire, Shell Spin and Bite, you can on rare occasions visit his castle, but he'll always be angry whenever you drop by,and you never know what could happen so it's best to stay far away!.
  • Princess Daisy: the energetic princess of Sarasaland, who's dropping by the Mushroom Kingdom for a visit, Daisy never stays in one spot so it's hard to know where she is the most, but everytime you come across her she'll challenge you to a tricky minigame!, if you beat her enough times she'll stop challenging you and just wonder around, witch also means that everytime you talk to her, you either have the option of challenging her to a minigame or just having a chat, either way, it's always fun with Princess Daisy!, Daisy never fights alongside the player so she has no moves, but she's always around and can sometimes give the player rare items from Sarasaland.
  • Wario: the greedy rival of Mario and owner of WarioWare Inc. Wario is never really seen around the Mushroom Kingdom, however, when you start to make a name for yourself, Wario will take notice and arrive in Toad Town, he'll challenge you to a fight witch you must win in order to keep you're reputation, if defeated Wario will ask if you want to work at WarioWare, witch you decline, after the fight Wario will return home, you can visit him and fight alongside him a few times, visiting Wario is the only way to fight alongside him. Wario is a heavy-ranged character who can use his custom Wario Hammer, his disgusting burp power and his powerful Wario Bike, he also has a special move wich allows him to transform into Wario Man!, upon visiting him you can buy very rare items from him, but they cost a whole lot of money!.
  • Waluigi: the sly rival of Luigi and partner in crime to Wario. he is hardly seen in the Mushroom Kingdom but later on in the game he shows up without Wario, revealing Wario has kicked him out of their castle, you can either help him convince Wario to let him move back in or find him a new home, regardless of which option you choose Waluigi develops a slow dislike of you, and once you find him a new home, he cruely tells you he never wants to see you again, even though you helped him out. afterwards he is sometimes seen wondering Toad Town, if you talk to him a few times you can eventually fight alongside Waluigi, but you can only fight alongside him once. Waluigi is a heavy-ranged character with no special moves, but he does make up for it with his quickness. Waluigi can use Hammer, Bob-Ombs and Thorn Attack, you can also visit him, but when you ask why he hates you, he'll make up strange reasons why, witch makes him a very strange character.

THE DK KREW: There are many kongs in the game These include... DONKEYKONG: He is the leader of the DK crew. You can find Donkey Kong upon achieving 30 trophies. He appears to be very stubborn but also heroic. If you fight 5 battles with Donkey Kong he will introduce you to another member of the DK crew,Diddky Kong. DIDDYKONG: He is DKs best buddy and you can meet Diddy by fighting 5 battles with DonkeyKong. Upon fighting 5 battles with donkeykong he will introduce you to didy kong. Diddy kong loves adventure. He will ask you if you want to go on an adventure with him upon meeting him. If you reply yes he will take you on a mini adventure across DK ruins in order to find Dixie Kong who is captured by Whiz Pig. You must defeat whiz pig with diddy kong in order to meet dixie kong. DIXIE KONG: In order to meet Dixie Kong you must join an adventure with diddy kong,and defeat whiz pig. Dixie Kong loves mini games. She will introduce you to all new special mini games in which you can win cool prizes with. If you play and unlock all her minigames you will win the option to customize your toad with new colors! WHIZ PIG: He is not a member of the kongs but instead a rival of the kongs. He is always up to no good and wishes to cause harm and evil to everyone he meets. You can befrend him by selling him a prize given to you by Dixie. He will give you the money then become your friend...well not really your friend. He will ask you to go on a quest with him. Upon doing so he will trick you and lead you into a lava trap. You must escape the trap and battle whiz pig. Upon doing this whiz pig will never talk to you again and he will be harder to fight in the future but upon him being harder to fight you win prizes for successfully defeating him.

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