Toad Town's Under Attack!, Again! Is a chapter that appears in Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover, it takes place at Toad Town (again) that is invaded by Rabbid Bros.

List of Levels

Levels Description Bosses/Mini-Boss
Racing to Toad Town You have to race to Toad Town to stop a mysterious invasion. None
Plunging the West Looks like you have encountered these mysterious species, they are plunging the Toad Town residents! 3 Rabbid Bros.
Strike of the Rabbids These things of which Hunso calls is a Rabbid Bro, a kind of mysterious species, but what do they want? None
Number of One of it Looks like one of them have kidnapped Hunso. Search for the one that kidnapped him first. Rabbid Bros.
Raging Rabbids Looks like they won't give up, eh? Well run then. Rabbid Bros. (chasing ones)
Plumber Approaching You got away from them, from now, but try to think of a way to blend in with them. None
Robotical Destroyer You failed and is about to get eaten by a robotic wor- wait, what is that doing here? Nevermind defeat the robotical worm. Destroyer
The Rabbids' Plunger A plunger might have strike Luigi in the butt and it's sticky, you have to find a way to get it off. None
Runaway Train! Looks like it's not over yet, a train is comin' for you! Trainy Shain
Death to the Plumber! You're kidnapped again, along with Luigi and Kirby, now it's up to Hunso to save them before they are cooked for stew! None
The Yelling Now rescued, Mario now escapes along with Luigi, Kirby and Hunso before they get yelled out in the ears by a yelling machine. The Yelling 5000-nator
Big Group of Rabbid Bros. Uh-oh! The Rabbid Bros. have formed a gigantic form of themselves, now you must fight them. Big Group of Rabbid Bros.

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