Toad TV is the most successful television channel in the Mushroom Kingdom. It offers a wide variety of shows, for all ages and all genders. It was founded by a group of Toads, and can be seen on Channel 12 in Toad Town.

Current shows


Similar to Masterchef, but with a Mushroom Kingdom style. 20 contestants cook off for 5 weeks to determine who is the Mushroom Kingdom's next top masterchef. Features immunity challenges, cook-offs, team challenges, celebrity judges (such as Mario), elimination rounds and pressure tests. Most popular with female adult toads, and it is aired at 7:30pm to 9:30pm all weekdays.

Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent

Similar to America's Got Talent (or Britains Got Talent, Australia's Got Talent or any other "Got Talent" show, for that matter) is aired between 6:30 to 7:30 weekdays, plus a special episode of 7:00 to 9:30 on Saturday. Current judges include:

Judge 1: Mario

Judge 2: Princess Peach

Judge 3: Luigi

It is Hosted by Toadsworth

Sarasaland's adoption, Sarasaland's Got Talent, uses judges Yoshi, Princess Rosalina and Princess Daisy instead.


Similar to Mythbusters, although hosts Adam Toad, Jamie Toad and crash dummy Buster Toad test only myths started in the Mushroom Kingdom, such as "is the Spring Mushroom dangerous to the user's health?" 6:30 to 7:30 weekdays and Sundays.

Mushroomy Guy

Similar to Family Guy. Features slightly more adult themes than The Mushrooms. 9:30 to 10:30 weeknights, and double episodes (9:30 to 10:30, 10:30 to 11:30) on weekends. Rated M.

The Mushrooms

Similar to The Simpsons. Features slightly less adult themes, cursing and violence than Mushroomy Guy. Shown 6:30 to 7:30 all days. The actors include Mario (playing Homer), Peach (playing Marge), Toad (playing Bart), and Toadette (playing Lisa).

Toad Park

Similar to South Park. Features a Bowser Jr. (replaces Kyle), a Toad (replaces Stan), a Fat Guy (replaces Eric Cartman, thats why they hired him!) and a Koopa Troopa (he replaces Kenny, so he comically gets killed every episode). Rated M.

Dancing with the Launch Stars

Similar to Dancing with the Stars. Despite its name, the show has no relation to actual Launch Stars.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Fungi

A Show based on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Mario, Peach, and even some Koopalings appear in this show (Iggy as Wilt, Morton as Eduardo, etc).

Mushroom Hill

This is the television show that features Mushroom Hill, the amazing neighborhood in Mushroom Kingdom. It features homes that are for sale, land for sale, and parties going on in the Mushroom Hill Field. It will also show Mushroom Hill Academy achievements and games (such as volleyball and basketball)

My Name is Mario!

Similar to My Name is Earl



Toad vs. Wild

A spoof of Man vs. Wild. Some Toads teach you how to stay safe from the wild AND Koopalings. Rated Y7.

Mineas and Lerb

A spoof of Phineas & Ferb. It's rated TVG and U.

Angry Toads

Similar to Angry Birds. The Toads get revenge on the Koopas from stealing their Yoshi Eggs so, the Toads get their revenge in a Angry Birds way


Similar to Scoopy-Doo. A gang of a Koopa named Chad, (Spoof of Fred) a Toad named vallery, (A spoof of Daphne) a Goomba named Goombella, (Spoof of Velma) a Cheep-Cheep named garry, (Spoof of Shaggy) and their pet Boo named Scoopy-Boo all sloveing mysterys.

The Amazing World of Goomba

A spoof of The Amazing World of Gumball. The show is about Goomba (Gumball spoof)'s adventures at school and at home.


Toad TV has many commercials that run on the channel.

Gannon Ads

A spoof on the company "Dannon", Gannon ads advertise Ganon's new yogurt.

Squiddy Dean

A spoof on the company "Jimmy Dean", these commercials take Jimmy Deans catchphrase, "Smile On", and spoof it to "Krack-On", a reference to the weapons in Splatoon that are called Krack-On Weapons.

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