The Toad Noble Group was founded recently this year to combat future Koopa Troop attacks.They were also founded to teach Toads to defend themselves.Another main reason as to why this group was founded was to get the economy of the Mushroom Kingdom back on track.


The Toad Noble Group contains classes and with each level you get Power Abilities in your Ability List with each Level/Rank you achieve.

List Of Classes

  1. Toad Noble Trooper:This is the starting point for all Toads who join The Toad Noble Group.

Ability List:

Mushroom Slash:Your sword becomes supercharged with Mushroom energy.

Mushroom Jump:Your jumping ability is raised to superhuman levels.

2.Toad Noble General:This is a position given to a Toad Noble Trooper who has exceptional leading skills in the field of combat and other situations

Ability List:

All previous abilities of Toad Noble Trooper

Tanooki Flight:Gives you the ability to fly for a certain amount of time.

Tanooki Swipe:Use your Tanooki Tail to swipe your enemies,stunning them.

3.Toad Noble Liutenant:Generals who have proven to be efficient in their tactics have been promoted to this rank.

Ability List:

All previous abilities of Toad Noble General and other previous positions.

More to come

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