Toad Fury
Toad Fury in Iron Mario
Gender Male
Species Toad
Current Status Director of T.O.A.D.
Main Weapon(s) Gun
Ability/ies Peak human strength

Tech genius Weapon handling skills

Director Fury
First Appearance Iron Mario (Video Game)
Latest Appearance Iron Mario (Movie)
Toad Fury is a Marvel Nintendo Crossover character based on Toad and Nick Fury. He is a director in the T.O.A.D. Organization, based off of S.H.E.I.L.D

Physical Apperance

Toad Fury is a from the Toad species, so he therefore looks like a Toad. He is black with a dark gray shirt, pants, and boots. He also has a gray leather jacket. On his head he sports a white mushroom cap with gray spots, he also has an eye patch.


Unlike manny Toads who are easily frightened and helpless, Toad Fury, as well as many other agents in T.O.A.D., is fearless and anything but helpless. He makes sure hostile alien species don't invade the world, as well as any mutant or supernatural species of the world.