Toad-brigade model CTTT

From the left: Brainy Toad, Sleepy Toad, and Bank Toad

The Toad Brigade is a series of five Toads who originally appeared to help Mario with his interstellar journey in the Super Mario Galaxy games. Each one has their own personality, and they serve as the tutorial for Shadows of the Forsaken. Captain Toad serves as their leader.



Each Toad has their own apperance, but it isn't much different than their base species; they have short bodies with a spotted, white mushroom cap. Captain Toad's cap has red spots, and he also wears a backpack and headlamp; Brainy Toad's cap has blue spots, while he wears glasses and carries a clipboard; Sleepy Toad's cap is yellow-spotted; Mail Toad's cap has purple spots and he carries a mailbag; and Bank Toad has green spots and holds a Star Bit.


The Toad Brigade was formed after Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and took her into outer space, where Mario eventually encountered them and brought them to the Comet Observatory; there, they were able to construct a spacecraft which they still use to this day.

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