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170px-Toad - Mario Party 10

Toad in SSBDevastation

Toad makes his fast debut! He debuted in Super Mario Bros., in 1985, so he's fought in the sixth level of the All-Star Mode.


Toad is one of the fastest character in the game with the fifth highest dashing speed (with only Excitebiker, Captain Falcon, Little Mac and Fox being faster). Toad has a good combo ability with low knockback aerials and two great throws (up and down). Toad isn't very strong and he is one of the lightest character in the game.

  • Weight: 3/10
  • Speed: 8/10
  • Jump: 6/10
  • Throws: 8/10

Special moves

  • Standard: ? Block. A ? Block appears and Toad punches it from below. One of the following items can appear and Toad's standard special changes (Customization: ! Block/Explosive Block)
    • Fire Flower: Toad throws a Fireball like Mario's (5%)
    • Ice Flower: Toad throws an Iceball like Luigi's (4%)
    • Tanooki Leaf: Toad spins with his tail (7%)
    • Boomerang Flower: Toad throws a Boomerang (3%, 8%)
    • Frog Suit: Toad jumps very high (2% in the ascending section)
    • Hammer Suit: Toad throws a Hammer (12%)
    • Penguin Suit: Toad dashes forward (3% + speed)
    • Acorn Mushroom: Toad can glide in the air by pressing B (0%).
  • Side: Kart Dash. Toad dashes forward using his Kart. It inflicts 8% + speed but Penguin Dash is faster and can be autocancelled by jumping. Customization: Cutting Dash/Quick Kart.
  • Up: Propeller Mushroom. Toad jumps upward using his propeller cap. It inflicts up to 13% of damage and it's a good recovery option. Customization: Propeller Jump/Sideways Propeller.
  • Down: Spore Spit. Toad spits some spores both forward and backward. It can inflict up to 7% and can act as a counter.
  • Final Smash: Party Carrel. Toad jumps onto a Mario Party Carrel. Then, by pressing B he throws a dice. After 12 seconds, the Final Smash lasts.

Technical facts

  • Air dodge: Melee
  • Wavedash: yes
  • Traction: high
  • Weight value: 77.


Like the other characters, Toad has four trophies (Classic, Arena, Alt. and Final Smash).

Toad (Classic)

A living mushroom? It must be Toad! This small guy has always been an important part of Mario Bros.' history as the character who wasn't "In another Castle"... Following his history, Toad has appeared in every Mario Kart game and in many Mario Party ones. Recently, Toad's friends have joined Mario and Luigi in their adventures!

Appeared in: Super Mario Bros. (NES, 10/1985), Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES, 1988).

Toad (Arena)

Toad is a nimble character with weak but fast moves such as his aerials. Toad isn't however scared by powerful moves! His Standard Special, ? Block, allows him to do a casual new move. Learning how to master every attack is the key for the brave Toad. And if the opponent is far? Use Toad's Kart Dash and you'll see a fast-driving mushroom!

Special moves: ? Block (Standard), Kart Dash (Side Special).

Toad (Alt.)

Party Carrel

Palette swap

  • Default
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Opposite
  • Brown Toadsworth
  • Toadette (new name)

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