Toad Game

The boxart of Toad

Toad, known as Kinopio Go Go Go! (キノピオ 行く行く!) in Japan, is a 3D game for the Gamecube released in 2004. It was published by Nintendo and recieved high review scores. In the game you, obviously, play as Toad and his female pal Toadette! 


As in many other tales, it started off as a regular day in Toad Town. Well, that's actually not correct, as it was night time. All the Toads were asleep. Having nice dreams, until suddenly, the king of nightmares, Wart, gave nightmares to everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom! However, two very special Toads aren't affected. Toad and Toadette! And so, they set off on a journey to defeat Wart and his Nightmare Crew.







77px-Toad - Mario Party 10
Toad The male hero of the game! He plays like in 3D World, but with 2 new moves. The Toad Kick, a regular kicking attack and Stun Spore, which stuns the enemy.
106px-Toadette - Mario Party 10
Toadette Toad's kind hearted little sister and female protagonist! She plays like a nimbler Toad but with weaker attacking power. Her two special attacks are Banana Throw, in which she throws a banana to slip up enemies and Hair Propeller. Where Toadette can fly with her ponytails.
73px-Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine
Toadsworth H-hey! Who said you were in this game? Toadsworth is a bonus character who is a preorder bonus. The slowest, but most unique of the bunch. Toadsworth can use his walking stick to teach the Nightmare Crew an old fashioned lesson with his Whack Attack and scald his opponents with some spiffing tea! Oh I say!
Shy Guys
Shy Guy An ex-Nightmare Crew member who's only playable in the Shy Guy Missions but can be unlocked to play in the adventure mode when all the missions have been completed. A fast, tricky character. He can use a Spear Guy's spear to attack in his Spear Attack and can throw Bob-Ombs at enemies to do some serious damage.

Non Playable



Wart The king of the Nightmare Crew! That new pendant seems...unusual.
Mouser Wart's right-hand man! Right-hand mouse? Whatever. He is a master of explosions and comes up with dastardly plans.
Birdo No one know's its real gender, but what we do know is that they work for Wart and is always up for a fight!

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