ToadTheif jumping.
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Location Toad Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Seemely endless Bob-Ombs
Ability/ies Professional jumping, spying, throwing Bob-Ombs
Vulnerable To Being caught in blast
First Appearance Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis

ToadThief is a Black Toad who is professional at stealing and spying. He, however, doesn't steal from people, but from villains. Surprisingly, he is a bit young. He debuts in Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis.


Super Sam Squad 2: Mas CrisisEdit

This is ToadTheif's first appearance. He can throw one Bob-Omb at a time and become best friend of Fire John and big rival of Sam The Koopa.

Fantendo Sports WiiEdit

He is confirmed as a playable character in this game. Ironically, only he is in this game, and not Sam the Koopa nor Fire John, the Super Sam Squad mascots.


ToadTheif is friendly but also a prankster, usually pull a prank at Sam the Koopa. He is also sensible, like when he saw someone injured, he feels either sad or awkward.