Toad's Quest
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer

Toad's Quest is a upcoming platformer by Nintendo serving as a spinoff to the Mario series. It stars Toad as the main character instead of Mario.


One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser broke into the castle and grabbed Peach while she wasn't aware. Usually the Mario Bros. would of saved her, but Bowser had stolen them while they were sleeping, leaving only the helpless toads to defend. The kingdom was plunged into chaos, the police force now sent toads to jail for no reason, kids were taken from their parents, nothing was normal. Soon, the kingdom was only full of bandits with all the toads having moved out to find new lands to live in. Except for four toads, who went to save Peach and the mushroom kingdom.


The gameplay is mostly the same as the Mario games, you can run, jump, go in pipes, enter doors, etc. A new feature in Toad's Quest appears in world 2 once you obtain the Psychic Star, you can now fire a burst of pink light to temporarily stun enemies, and after world 4 you can even control Goombas & Koopas for a minute. Sometimes a boss level comes and changes a mechanic, but that mechanic usually doesn't appear for a bit.


Playable Characters

Name Abilities Description Stats How to Obtain
Toad None A all-rounder wanting to save the mushroom kingdom! All-Rounder Unlocked at Beginning
Toadette None Toad's friend, Toadette has a big heart, and can run for a long time!  Runs the fastest Save her in World 1
Toadbert Has a meter, when it's full (destroy 10-30 enemies) he can throw bombs at enemies until the levels over By boogity, this Toad loves to say by boogity! Jumps lower then Toad Save him in World 3
Toadsworth Can throw his cane like a boomerang at enemies A elderly toad, he probably shouldn't be doing this at all. Runs the slowest, but jumps the highest Save him in World 5




Name Mid-boss Boss
Vegetable Valley Boom-Boom Bowser Jr. (1)
Scorching Desert Mummipokey Bowser (1)
Abandoned Factory Giant Mecha-Cheep Mecha-Bowser
Tall Mountains Monty Tank Big Montgomery (1)
Bowser's Hideout Bowser Jr. (2) Bowser (2)
Mushroom Kingdom Big Bandit Nabbit
Active Volcano Big Montgomery (2) Giant Bowser Jr.
Bowser's Castle Mind Controlled Bros. (Mario & Luigi) Bowser (3)

== Reception==

IGN gave Toad's Quest a 8/10, saying that it's better then nothing, while GameInformer gave it a 8.75/10, praising the new Psychic Star mechanic, but criticizing how slow a few parts of the game were.


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