Toad's Okay is the seventh episode of Series 3 of Super Mario. It was aired on 23rd November, 2015.


It is Tiarer's 16th birthday and everybody is celebrating. As everybody is celebrating, however, Wario and Waluigi come in, giving her a stinkbomb as a present, annoying her. She chases the duo as they laugh, but suddenly, King Bob-Omb appears, and steals all of her presents. Mario and Yoshi, however, agree to help her get her presents back from the Bob-Omb king. So Mario, Yoshi, Tiarer and Akorn go to get the presents back.

The lot split up and look around Bob-Omb Factory to see where King Bob-Omb is. Yoshi runs into him and the king captures him. He says, however, that he will return Yoshi back if Tiarer gives him the necklace Rievoah gave her. However, King Bob-Omb plans to use it to create a giant explosion to blow up the Mushroom Kingdom. They lot head over to see Professor E. Gadd to create a clone version which does not have its unique abilities. Tiarer puts the real one in her pocket and puts on the cloned one.

Mario, Akorn and Tiarer head over and hand King Bob-Omb the fake necklace. He hands back Yoshi and all the presents and proceeds to put the fake necklace into a machine, which shuts the whole machine off. King Bob-Omb gets angry and tries to kill the four. Mario picks the king up and throws him, but he is stronger. E. Gadd, however, arrives in a jetpack and takes everybody away, meanwhile an explosion is heard in the factory.

The group get back to the party, only to find out Wario ate all the food and Toadokay wrecked the place a bit.


  • This is also Akorn's second appearance, following the events of Pump-King.

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