Toad's Big Top is the fourth and final track in the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 9.


Toad's Big Top is a circus tent-style track. The track begins on a straightaway with a theme park in the background. The road leads to a large circus tent. The player will enter the flaps to the large tent, and see a large circle in the center with a Chain Chomp inside. There are Toads, Yoshis and Shy Guys in the stands. The player must circle around the course and go to a path that leads to the upper section of the tent. In the upper section is a trapeze area. The ramp opens up the player's glider, and there are two platforms tha swing back and forth with boost ramps that also enable the glider. The next path that you land on takes you straight outside to a small path that circles a ferris wheel before you head back to the tent for the second lap.

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