To Love A Frog is the 11th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It originally aired on November 9 2013. The story is when Queen Priceless captures Skip and takes him to her palace on Xoon to try to get him in love with her.


  • SSFF
  • GIRL
  • RED


On Planet Xoon, Melvin is seen talking with Priceless who asks "Well Melvy, was the capture successful?" and he replies "Oh yes, your lovely highness. He's locked tight like a high school locker!". Two Flashers enter the room, holding a cage and it has Skip inside. When Priceless takes Skip out of the cage, Melvin orders the frog to bow down to her by slamming him on the floor. Priceless, angered at Melvin, orders the guards to take Melvin away to face a terrible punishment. Priceless explains to Skip that she kidnapped him so she can marry him. Skip was a little offended at first but after Priceless picked him up and began kissing him in the face he quickly falls for her.

Meanwhile, in Galaxian High, Cynder is distraught over the loss of Skip so the SSFF decide to team up with GIRL to hatch a plan to rescue Skip from Xoon Palace. They suggest to sneak into the palace to save Skip.

The next morning, Priceless and Skip both have a warm milk bath with Priceless talking to him about herself. Later on, Priceless forces Melvin and her team to be Skip's advisers until their upcoming wedding. Priceless and Skip decide to go on a walk on the hot desert, which doesn't affect the 2 but the other villains are sweating. Afterwords, Priceless wants to wrestle sand sharks for exercise, which she and Skip enjoy doing.

Soon later on, Priceless tells Skip they will be married tomorrow morning and she invited every Red Ant on Xoon to come for their wedding. Skip was still offended, but soon got it off his mind after Priceless kissed him much to Jerry's disgust. The next morning, Priceless is deciding what dress to where for their wedding. Skip comments the first dress as "Fine as frog's hair!". on their wedding, before the pair would kiss the SSFF and GIRL teams break in and rescue Skip (not before beating up alot of Flashers and RED).

In Galaxian High, Cynder is pleased that Skip is safe but Skip says to Cynder "People on Xoon aren't as Red as evil...". Meanwhile, Priceless is on her bed wailing about Cynder stealing Skip from her, vowing to get revenge on her.

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