Tman is a Vware for the V and vPort. You can create your own robot or play as Tman, as you try to stop Dr. Pillbug from taking over the world. You can also set any weopon to your chacater.


Gameplay is a lot like Megaman. However it's quite different, for sliding can last forever. Your player is a lot faster and jumps higher. However it still uses NES grapics to remind 1-up and 2-up of the old days. There are 12 bosses to deafeat before facing Dr. Pillbug.


The debug menu can opened by clapping your hands twice, or on the vPort, A and B together at the same time. The debug menu can give you any amount of health, any weopon., even change the stage music.


Tman had mixed reviews. For Nintendo Power, It was given a 9/10 for great music, nice diffcultly, online play, and NES grapics. They did not like the easy to acess debug menu.

Gameratings gave it 5/5, claiming it was the best Vware game out there.

Finally, Fantendo Power still hasn't rated it.

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