Titanium Man
Full Name Jonathan Orlando Stark
Current Age 19
Date of Birth June 7, 2080
Gender male
Species human
Location New York City, New York State
Main Weapon(s) High-tech Armorsuit
Ability/ies Repulsor Blasters, Sonic Disruptor Cannons.
 Jonathan Orlando Stark, AKA Titanium Man, is the descendant of Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man, and a main leader of the Avengers of 2099, alongside Captain America 2099; wielding a suit of armor powered by a supercharged arc reactor, and having a bunch of nanotech weapons underneath the plating, he carries on the legacy of the Armored Superhero and doesn't take that duty lightly.


Early Life 

In upstate New York, Jonathan Orlando Stark lived a life of solitude inside the Stark estate's home; with little more than his guardian, the android Vision, for company, it seems like all he could do was make special robots (often assigned for various menial tasks) and learn all he could from Vision's tutoring and what he saw on the news. Jon hoped that he would attend a public school in order to make new friends, but this was diminished due to his odd biological detriment: he had a rare condition where it was only safe for him to be outside when the estimate temperature was above 50*F and below 70*F, and if he went outside when the estimate temperature was below or above the estimated marks (respectively), he would, after a brief span of time, collapse either to heat exhaustion or hypothermia.

Luckily, he was not without friends totally: one time, when he was 14, Alchemax held him hostage in order to force his father (who is still unknown) to accept a merger deal to sell Stark-Fukijawa to them as an Alchemax subsidiary; but unfortunately for Alchemax, teenage runaway and mutant Wanda Magnus (who became known as the Scarlet Witch) saw him getting taken away by the Public Eye to the safe house they had for him. Not only did she rescue him and incapacitate the officers, but she had time to make friends with him as well, giving him the social life he wanted for a long time.

But even then he felt weak, unable to defend himself from other kidnapping attempts, should Wanda not be there to help him; but all that changed when he found a weird key in the wall of his house.

A Man of Steel
Assembling Together


Titanium Man's suit is capable of a numerous amount of skills, due to having over thousands of minuscule components within every inch of his suit. The full set of skills is yet unknown, but the known ones are as followed:

  • Gravitokinesis
  • Magnetic Field Manipulation
  • Pulsating Energy Bombs
  • Repulsor-powered Flight
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Repulsor Blasts


Dad, I don't care if I'm in danger; for the first time in my life, I'm whole. I have an actual real person for a friend, I've seen winter outside for the first time, and I've been bringing down all the corruption within Alchemax. So when you tell me that this suit is nothing but trouble, you might as well talk Shakespeare to a Hershey bar, because I will NEVER get rid of the suit that made me a whole man again.
Jon, to his father upon the latter finding out he was Titanium Man.


  • Titanium Man's timeline stems from a day and age similar to the 1990's Spider-Man and X-men animated TV series.
    • As a result, a lot of characters in his storyline have their origins changed drastically (Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ultron, etc)