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Titanium Cage
Titanium Cage, the Captive Woman
Full Name Titanium Cage
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Captive
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort (first official appearance)

Titanium Cage is a character that first appeared in Fantendo Sports Resort. She is one of Liameno's wives and was taken by White Goddess to be Iron Mask's doppelganger. She is constantly feeling trapped and captive, longing to be free but can't seem to find a way out of her predicaments.


She was born into the Wasteland like Iron Mask and like him, lived a horrible childhood. She was born a boy but did not feel comfortable in her body and decided to become a woman. Her family did not react well and sold her into slavery to Liameno, who took immediate interest in her and decided to make her one of his many wives. Feeling trapped for much of her life, she wears a cage over her head to remind herself of her captive state and how she wishes to break free. Even as White Goddess recruited her, she is still not free.


Titanium Cage doesn't say a lot, just sighs a lot and tries not to get her head too close to the laser bars on her Titanium Cage. She's just really sad all the time.


Fantendo Sports Resort

She appears in Fantendo Sports Resort as Iron Mask's doppelganger.



Married to him, although he doesn't really seem to care that much about her considering she was kidnapped by White Goddess and he's done nothing about it.

Iron Mask


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Titanium Cage
Fantendo Sports Resort (2015)

Iron Mask's doppelganger is one that comes from a similar background but never learned to be free. She wears a cage around her head in hopes that one day she make breaks out of her mental and physical captivities. She is also one of Liameno's wives, and one that he doesn't seem to care about too much.