Tinyland Heroes (working title) is an original IP by AzaCraft Entertainment, and is a 2D Beat-Em-Up game said to be released in 2016.


The game is a 2D Beat-Em-Up where you progress in the levels by defeating enemies, with more enemies appearing as you progress through the game. As you progress through the game, more powerful enemies appear, and each character has four main attacks: two melee attacks and two special attacks. 

Playable Characters

Starting Characters

There are 6 characters in the game that are playable by default.

Character Special Attacks Bio

Flaming Feet - Kai's legs are engulfed in flames, as he dashes across the stage, dealing damage to whatever he comes in contact with, as well as giving them a fire status effect. 

Fireball - Kai shoots a blast of fire from his palms, dealing damage and giving enemies a fire status effect. 

"A master of 10 different types of martial arts, Kai has trained at the Flaming Leaf Temple for almost his entire life, until the Temple got destroyed in a fire. Kai now takes to the streets to fight crime, and teach others of his honorable ways."

Elastic Arm - Gloop uses her stretchy third arm to hit enemies from a distance. 

Slingshot - Gloop uses two of her arms to create a sort of slingshot, and releases the slingshot upon enemies using the third arm, dealing damage. Gloop can launch items, blasts of energy, and even enemies from her slingshot.

"An alien princess who abandoned her planet to live on Earth. Gloop is a quirky character and is certainly a free spirit, just wanting to make friends and spread peace. But when Earth is threaten, she'll use her elastic-like arms to help protect her new home!"  

Unlockable Characters




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