Tiny Yoshi in Grassy Plains

Tiny Yoshi in Grassy Plains.

Tiny Yoshi is a Yellow Yoshi who has lived on Donut Plains for 10 years of her life and Yoshi's Island the other three. She, like most Yellow Yoshies, can cause temors limited to a very small area after eating a shell, however she is the only known one to have any physical signs of being able to do this.

She is more intelligent than the average Yoshi, but doesn't know quite as much as Red Yoshi, and is learning to become an inventor under his wing, despite the fact that they are the same age.


  • Her ability to create localised tremors is based off of the ability that Yellow Yoshies would get after eating any colour of shell, or in the case of any other Yoshi, a yellow shell.
  • The name came from another female character, Tiny Kong, and Yoshi.

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