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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) 3DS
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OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) RPG, Turn-Based Strategy
Tiny Fiends is an upcoming original RPG, Turn-Based Strategy game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is an original game. The game is a hybrid of Fire Emblem & Pokemon in its game elements having the Group Commanding Tactics of Fire Emblem and Elemental Charts of Pokemon.


In a mythical land, two governing dieties the Fiend Lord and Anti Lord keep the world in balance however one day the Anti Lord turned on his bretheren and severely injured the Fiend Lord, the world turned to Chaos, many fiends became dark versions of themselves. The few remaining Fiends rally to help the Fiend Lord who explains that he needs the assistance of the Fiends to free the other fiends whose hearts have been corrupted by the Anti Lord and free the Anti Lord from whatever is causing his torment and outbursts.


The gameplay contains two major components, battling and purifying. The battling component of the gameplay involves the Fiend Lord who is the player, controlling up to 20 Fiends in Battle to defeat Dark Hearted Fiends. While battling the player moves their Fiends and attacks the enemy fiends, terrain, nearby ally fiends and enemy fiends determine how far the fiend can move and how well they do in combat. The main objective in every battle is to defeat all the dark hearted Fiends although the player will occassionally find items scattered around the battle-field, in addition outside of mission battles the Fiend Lord can explore the Wilds for Wild Dark Hearted Fiends.

The Purification component of gameplay involves the player having their Fiends open the hearts of Dark Hearted Fiends. This allows the player to gather more Fiends in their army as well as obtain new elemental groups. Purification requires that the number of Fiends that must open the heart of the Dark Hearted Fiend be all of the same element as the Dark Hearted Fiend and each other. 


There are 54 Fiends in Tiny Fiends, each resides under at least 1 of the 13 elements with some being 2 or 3 depending on the individual Fiend. Fiends unlike Pokemon will have a primary Element as well as potential Secondary and Trinary Elements. The Secondary and Trinary elements are necessary for the player to use some of the later game elements. In addition Fiends can gain levels until they reach the cap of 999, when a Fiend levels up the player allocates three skill points to that fiend, every fiend has six statistics; Health, Power, Defence, Intelligence, Speed & Luck. When a Fiend is first obtained it will be Level 1 and it's highest stat is determined by which group it is part of.

The Elements are; Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Life, Light, Death, Dimension, Energy, Weather, Time, Power & Relic.

Starlight Fiends

Starlight Fiends have naturally high Health as well as a small bonus in Intelligence.

Whitestone Fiends

Whitestone Fiends have naturally high Power as well as a small bonus to Defence.

Iron Chamber Fiends

Iron Chamber Fiends have naturally high Defence as well as a small bonus to Speed.

Magnetized Fiends

Magnetized Fiends have naturally high Intelligence as well as a small bonus to Luck.

Wildgrass Fiends

Wildgrass Fiends have naturally high Speed as well as a small bonus to Health.

Violetsky Fiends

Violetsky Fiends have naturally high Luck as well as a small bonus to Power.

Purification Requirements

Aside from having all participating Fiends have the same element as the Dark Hearted Fiend, the number required varies depending on the Fiend and whether it will have a Secondary or Trinary Element. Every First Row Fiend from above requires 2 Fiends, every second row requires 3 and every bottom row requires 5. In addition having a secondary Element requires an additional 1 Fiend and having a trinary Element requires an additional 2 fiends (on top of the first fiend). This means that at minimum the player needs two Fiends of the same element or at most 8 Fiends of the same element as the Dark Hearted Fiend.

Elemental Effectiveness

Every Element is part of an Elemental Triad, these refer to their effectiveness against other elements. Below is a list of every Elemental Triad. The left is strong against the right, if two elements do not have a matchup then they will do neutral damage.

  • Light>Power>Earth
  • Death>Dimension>Water
  • Power>Life>Dimension
  • Water>Fire>Energy
  • Earth>Wind>Relic
  • Relic>Weather>Energy
  • Wind>Time>Fire
  • Life>Weather>Time
  • Time>Death>Light


  • The Signs on the Fiend Lord reference the Elements themselves in order they are; Light, Power, Earth, Relic, Wind, Life, Weather, Time, Energy, Fire, Dimension, Water & Death.
    • They also indicate where the elemental triads lie.


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