Tiny Cafe
Developer(s) Beanstalk inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo/Game freak
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action
Media Included 3DS cartridge
Caffine Cafe is a game for the 3DS about two people, Steve and Pauline, that work at a coffee shop. The gameplay features multiple customers coming in and out of the cafe, as the player must take the customers orders correctly, use the correct recipe, and then bring it to the customer. This must be done quickly, as more customers will come. Additionally, a bell will tone whenever a customer walks through the door. If they are kept waiting for a while, the happiness of the cafe will drop. The customers may ask for a food or coffee. Food, you must pick the correct item from the shelves, and heat it in the microwave for the correct time. Coffee, you must choose the correct beans, then the correct flavor-adder, then put it in the coffee machine. After every few days, a boss will show up, wanting a bizzare meal. This can be forfilled by using a mix of items.


Steve One of the playable characters.
Pauline Another playable character
Joe The owner of the cafe
Mr.Pac He wants chili?
Unten He wants soup?



Name Prepare
Mocha Brown beans, Cream, Durable Cup
Latte Brown Beans, Milk, Clear Cup
Jumpstart Black Beans, Cream, Durable cup
Vanilla latte White Beans, Milk, Clear Cup
Almond Mocha Brown Beans, Nut Shavings, Durable Cup
Cuppa' Joe Black Beans, Milk, Durable Cup
The Squirler Black Beans, Nut shavings, Clear Cup
2012 Black Beans, Pop Rox, Durable Cup


Name Prepare
Blueberry Muffin Muffin, Blueberries, 2:13
Muffiny Muffin Muffin, Whip cream, 2:13
Rasberry Muffin Muffin, Rasberries, 2:13
Chocoa Muffin Muffin, Chocoa, 4:09
Bagel Bagel, Cream cheese, 3:24
Onion Bagel Bagel, Onions, 3:24
Toast Bread, Butter, 1:32

Boss DishesEdit

Name Prepare
Coffeehouse Chili Coffee, Brown beans, on a plate
Stupendous Soup Coffee, Brown beans, black beans, in a cup


  • Joe's name is a pun on the name for coffee "Joe"
  • The other worker (The one you're not playing as) can be seen working with you, but no work they do counts for you.