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Tingle makes a Party!
Introduction tagline

You waited for him, you hoped for him, and now, Tingle is ready for battle! Tingle in the Toon Zelda division new representative and, with his strange magic attacks he will be a great choice for advanced character. He is a Wizard character and his main elements are Light and Plant.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Sleeping Dust. Tingle uses a special dust which makes the opponents sleeping and he inflicts 4% of damage.

Side Special: Hammer. Tingle uses an hammer which inflicts 10% of damage. Once ten times Tingle will use the Golden Hammer which inflicts 20% of damage.

Up Special: Red Balloon. Tingle flies over with his big red balloon.

Down Special: Magic. Tingle uses a casual magic. Under there are the effects.

-Tingle shots a great magic ball which inflicts 25% of damage (15% of possibility).

-Tingle teleports himself into the center of the stage (55% of possibility).

-Tingle calls an elf which annoy the opponents and carries the items to Tingle (25% of possibility).

-Tingle will do nothing (5% of possibility).

Final Smash: The Great Sea. Tingle will go into the King of the Red Lions and will save himself because a great wave comes and inflicts 60% of damage.

Unlock Criteria

Do 14 matches into the "Great Sea" stage.

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