Full Name Tina
Current Age 6
Gender Female
Location N/A
Class Human
Main Weapon(s) N/A
First Appearance MySims
Latest Appearance MySims Party

Tina is a sim who really likes cute things.


Tina is a sim who appears at Star Level 2.



  • Cute
  • Fun


  • Spooky

MySims Kingdom (3DS)

Tina appears at the island, Cutopia. Again, she love cute things. She seems to have a fear about Violet, spooky objects, spiders, and other spooky things.

MySims Party

Tina hosts the mini game, Cute Gifts!. The player must give her anything that they see that is cute to her and avoid the spooky objects. If you give her a spooky object, Tina will freak out and you will lose points.

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