Timothy Owens
Full Name Timothy Owens
Current Age 26
Gender Male
Location Pewter City
Cerulean City
Class Pokémon Officer
Family and Relations
Sargeant Owens (Father)
Detective Owens (Brother)
Jenny (Girlfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Pokémon
First Appearance Police Acadamy: SCPD
Latest Appearance Pewter Police: Story of Timothy

Timothy Owens is a detective of the Pewter City police force that first appears in Police Acadamy: SCPD. Where he is called in with his then partner Lola to Vermillion City as well as a lot of other detectives to help find and catch Flint, however the operation fails.

He becomes a hero of his own spin off game Pewter Police: Story of Timothy which details his adventures as a 16 year old boy and the origins of his detective roots. It is revealed that he is 4 years older than Jenny here.


Timothy comes from a long line of Police Officers his father and grandfather were both police officers as was his brother however as a kid Timothy had no interest in pursuing that line of work. He was happy with his life with no interest in Pokémon or policing just his friends Lola and Brock where they would just muck around.

However he was quick to rise to the challenge of the swarm. The opportunity to go on an adventure and the thrill that he subsequently felt were exilerating for him and set off his passion for detective work. Timothy is part cinab and uses this to set up a sting operation. He is currently in a relationship with Jenny.

Story of Timothy

Timothy receives his own Spin off Pewter Police: Story of Timothy that focuses on his earlier years in his life. Timothy grew up in Pewter City from a long line of police officers. His father, grandfather and brother were all police officers and it was as such expected that Timothy would follow, however he does not want to unlike his friend Lola who can dream of nothing but.

Timothy lives a fairly relaxed lifestyle until a swarm of wild bug Pokémon hits the city when his curiosity gets the better of him Timothy and his friends leave to investigate. Timothy soon finds that he has a close connection with the mastermind behind the whole plot, when the police officers tell him he'd have a good future at the academy he seems to seriously consider it for the first time.


Timothy makes his debut in Police Acadamy: SCPD, when a large amount of detectives are called into Vermillion City to help capture Flint, Timothy appears with his partner Lola from Pewter City. However after the sting fails and all of the other detectives are hospatilised Timothy is reassigned and temporarily moved to Saffron City and paired up with Jenny.

Timothy serves as her partner and infultrates Winston's gang under the guise Eli with Jenny and then later infultrates Dean's Cinab gang under the guise Andrew. He then permantly reassigns to Saffron City and begins a relationship with Jenny.


Tay Tay

This Swellow is the first Pokémon that Timothy is shown owning in Police Acadamy: SCPD he awaits with his partner Lola up on a building on his Pidgeot while she is on her Fearow. Its origins are revealed in Pewter Police: Story of Timothy where it appeared as a Tailow, it was the house pet of the Owens family, as a pet it had never seen the outside and lived primarily in its cage. When emergency called Timothy stole the bird and ran off to go an adventure.

Tay Tay was scared of Timothy at first however the bond soon became close and Tay Tay and Timothy became very attached. Tay Tay became a strong fighting Pokémon for Timothy as well as a practical Pokémon being able to retrieve items from a distance and whip up a sand attack to create a distraction.


First appearing in Pewter Police as the leader of a pack of Heracross who had been maddened by the magical sap. However after being defeated by Timothy the Heracross gained a new found respect for the main and joined him. Given how quickly Heracross gained composure of himself it is possible that he was not effected by the magical sap and just caught up in the confusion.

He becomes the strongest fighting Pokémon for Timothy and follows him back into Pewter City in a Poké Ball, as his sidekick and friend allowing himself to be caught. Timothy gives him the opportunity to return to his pack but Heracross refuses signifying the strong bond.