Timocomlita's Newer Logo
Timocomlita Ltd. Productions is a video game company that is an affliate of and creates collabs with Nintendo. It was founded by TimocolitaProwikia on April 4, 2015, but after a long delay, it has started making games by itself Starting With Pikmin 4: Too Much Bulbords!!. If you are intrested in the company, please comment below, and I'll send you a friend request.

Rankings Availiable: 

  • Hire Desicion Pending - This is your ranking until we decide you can join.
  • Employee - It's abilities will allow you to create games, images, and other media for the company; you are also allowed to joint projects with other members.
  • Notable Member - this ranking will allow you to do everything an employee can do; can give ideas or help decide on minor changes; Gets to have 2 avatars rather than 1, if you want.
  • Minor Manager - Can do everything a notable meber can do; can help decide if members should be banned or allowed to join the company.
  • Major Manager - can do everything a minor one can do; can help manage the company when I'm not here.
  • Painter - Can do everything a minor manager can do, plus the ability to make pictues, logos, and boxarts for games and characters for the company.

Games I created by myself

Super Smash Bros. BlastCrash

Super Smash Bros: Global Big Whoop

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