Timmy Tick Tock: Block Breaker
Developer(s) Piranha Plant Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) DS, 3DS
Release Date(s)
1p Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Timmy Tick Tock: Block Breaker is a game in the Timmy Tick Tock series. It is the first game in said series.


The game takes place in the past before Timmy became evil. Timmy is a young Bob-omb who goes to an elementary school. On the last week of school, Timmy had to take a big test to pass the grade. The test was to align the same colors of blocks to destroy them. His friend Bumper promised to help him train for the test.


To beat the levels, you have to find blocks of the same color and tap them to destroy them. The more blocks aligned, the more points you get. The levels are not randomly generated, so it make the game less luck-based. There is also special blocks to give you an edge.

Types of Blocks

Red Block-Standard Block

Blue Block-Standard Block

Green Block-Standard Block

Yellow Block-Standard Block

Silver Block-Doubles the amout of points you get for 30 seconds

Bomb Block-Destroys all blocks with a one-block radius

Flashing Block-Changes Color to any block you want!


Timmy Tick Tock


Artwork of Bumper


Timmy's Teacher


Standard Mode-Take different tests to see who if you are the smartest!

Training Mode-Train for the big test!

Boss mode-Take on challenging bosses!

Theater-Watch the trailer for the game, and watch trailers for other Piranha Plant Inc. games.


  • In training mode, if you clear all of the blocks, you can see artwork for a random character. Some examples are: Timmy, Bumper, an 8-bit Mario, Doug Piranha, and a Red ScoutBot.
  • The standard mode takes place in the classroom, the training mode takes place in the gym, the boss mode takes place in the P.E. field, and the theater takes place in the lunchroom.

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