Now, listen up Doug! And you, in front of the TV! You listen too!
Timmy Tick Tock

Timmy Tick Tock is a major villain in the Doug Piranha series. He is Captain Bomb's nephew. He will try to stop Doug from getting farther into the game by turning regular enemies, into bosses. He himself is fought in world 6. He is a playable character in Doug Piranha:Summer Sports.


Timmy looks like a regular Bob-omb, but he is unique as he has no windup key, and he has a "T" tattoo on his head. He is also able to speak.


All the games he appears in.

Doug Piranha-Boss

Doug Piranha:Summer Sports-Playable Character

There is a rumor that Timmy will get his own series of games.



  • Timmy tends to break the fourth wall a lot. (And you, in front of the TV! You listen too!)
  • Timmy being Captain Bomb's nephew indicates that Captain Bomb has a brother or sister.

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